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Get out in the garden! Here is a gardening checklist to go to work on

Social distancing doesn’t mean staying inside. Get outside and work on this gardening checklist!

Our yards are a wide open space that need a lot of work this time of year. We might not be able to do a lot of activities we normally do right now, but gardening is one that is free reign! Gather up your gear and get outside for some fresh air and garden prep.

Horticulturist Sheriden Hansen shares the checklist that every green thumb should start working on. Since we are mostly confined at home, now is the perfect time to get going.

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  • This is a great video on just how important the soil is and that gardening work can be done in the colder months well before everything is showing signs of life. Composting, as well, is so simple something we can all do and it’s also the right thing to do for the environment. Thanks for the video!