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No more knick knacks! Here are 5 things to toss out now

Life around us is chaotic, so make your home a calming place. These are five things you should toss out now, and spoiler alert – it might be hard!

Everyone home, all the time, means the clutter is stacking up! But in these strange circumstances, the mess just adds more fuel to the anxiety we’re already feeling. One organizing expert says there is no better time to get rid of all the stuff causing stress in our lives.

Professional Organizer, Tracy Bowers, shares the top five things you should say goodbye to. Some of them might be hard to let go of, but you’ll thank us in the long run.

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  • Loved the idea about tossing out the knickknacks!!! Saying goodbye to those vacation knickknacks. Game changer 🙌🏼

  • Tracy is the inspiration of my life. She genuinely loves to organize and help people feel relieved. I watch her on Instagram to keep me motivated. She has the best ideas!

  • Tracy always inspires me to up my game! I love these tips! I think I am going to go sort through my cookbooks now, and get rid of some!

  • I love Tracy! She gives such great tips and advice. I also really appreciate that she realizes not everyone can afford a professional organizer to come to their house (not that I wouldn’t love that!) and gives helpful information so we can do it on our own. She’s the best! 🙂

  • I am obsessed with Tracy and her ideas. I love when she gives her helpful tips on making everything also look uniform and intentional. Just one look and anyone would think I’ve got my stuff together (even if I don’t). I learn something new from her that I put into effect immediately every single time I see her on Instagram. #tracytaughtmehow

  • Tracy is one of the BEST organizers out there with such great tips & suggestions! I’ve been following her for quite some time & everytime I watch her stories I pick up a new tip either with organization or just life!

  • Love this! Already worked on the Tupperware now I’m moving on to the closet. Thanks for the suggestions.

  • That was soooo good! I took some time and did 4 of the 5 suggestions and I feel sooo much better. One more to go- the clothes! That was a fun few minutes and oh! So worth it!!!!

  • Always wonderful advice from Tracy! Her Instagram account is so full of great advice, always look forward to her stories and posts, she’s helped me so much! Thanks for having her on.

    • I have learned to much from Tracy and I live for her posts on Instagram. I have an obsession with organized pantries.

  • If you haven’t been following Tracy’s organizing tips on Instagram, you need to start. I’ve learned so many wonderful organizational tips from her, which have made my life so much easier. She has some really great suggestions, and I appreciate that she freely shares her knowledge and expertise. Her page is one of my favorite inspirations on Instagram.

  • Love the tips to just get you started. Doing just these five things could and will make a big difference. I go thru my daughters memory box every few years and have narrowed that down as well. Thank you Tracy!

  • Love you Tracy! Love your motivation, ideas, enthusiasm and overall willingness to help others!

  • Love the ideas about kids artwork, especially having a creative writing folder for each child. Going to implement this for my kids as I’m currently drowning in kids artwork. Thanks!

  • I love Tracy’s tips! Her Instagram site is helping me to make my home a stress-free refuge instead of a place for clutter. Thanks, Tracy!