Hi-Tech Emergency Preparedness

Studio 5 Contributor and technology specialist, Jessica Foust shows us how going “hi-tech” can help you and your family prepare for an emergency.

Being prepared for an emergency is critical. Investing in some simple gadgets can aid you in quickly evacuating your house or keeping up with the latest emergency updates.

1. LED Lantern – LED lights are much more energy efficient. The battery life is much longer due to the technology in the lights.

2. Solar Powered Radio/Flashlight – Self-sustaining gadgets to keep you updated on emergency communications.

3. Gorillatorch – Its flexible legs make it easy to attach itself to almost anything in order to give you light.

4. Cell Phone – A person who texts during an emergency, has a better chance of sending a message to someone than using voice communications.

5. Online Data Backup – These services backup your files automatically. They are off-site, so if your home is burned down or flooded, or your laptop is stolen, you do not lose your files.

6. ioSafe Solo – Fireproof and waterproof external hard drive. Protects your documents, photos, and media when disaster strikes.

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