Hi-Tech Toys: Kid Friendly iPad

A grown-up computer tablet turns out to be this season’s go-to Christmas
gift for kids. Jessica Foust, with Top Ten Reviews, explains why the iPad is
fun for kids of all ages.



It’s an intuitive tablet that kids easily figure out how to use. There are so
many kid-friendly apps and accessories that truly make the iPad the go-to
Christmas gift for kids.

Disney’s Appmates


The Appmates are cars from the movie Cars 2. Kids can “drive” the toy cars
in different courses by moving them along on the screen. The app called
Cars 2 AppMATes is free.

iMarker Stylus + Crayola Color Studio HD App


You can easily turn your iPad into a coloring book using the iMarker and the
free Color Studio HD App. Kids can draw and color on the iPad without worry
of scratching the screen because the iMarker has a soft tip. Plus the pages
have animated characters, music and other visual effects.

A.R. Drone


It’s a helicopter controlled by your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, or Android
device using its on board Wi-Fi system. Throughout the year, Parrot has
released a number of new gaming apps available for single and multiplayer
flight. Really it’s an interactive gaming platform to enjoy by yourself or with
your friends.



Kids will feel like a real spy using the Spy Net Video Watch. It utilizes a real
night vision camera to capture video, audio and pictures. Then your little spy
can directly upload the footage to a computer.

Hexbug Spider


For kids who want to control a moving object – this is a great cheap item.
The spiders come in 5 different colors. The 2-IR remote control can control
two separate spiders at the same time.

LeapPad Explorer Learning Tablet


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