high-end looking vase

Make a high-end looking vase with a dollar store container! Here’s the step-by-step

Display a high-end looking vase without the high-end price.

It’s rare that we can recommend a five-dollar craft project any more, but we can with a dollar store container makeover. This project takes on the look of a much more expensive, knobby vase. The result is a home accessory with interesting visual texture.

Michelle Bauer shares her makeover method for knobby faux pottery.

Michelle Bauer is a DIYer and home décor enthusiast. Find her on Instagram at @_thepinklemon, and on Etsy.


How to Make Faux Pottery


1- Start with any pot- plastic, glass, ceramic, metal, etc. You can use pretty much anything.

I picked pots that would be simple to apply the little beads. My pots had horizontal lines on them so I could follow the lines and apply the beads in a straight line.

2- Apply “Sherwin Williams bonding primer” and allow to dry

3- I apply the half beads after (not before) the primer so there is better adhesion. Half beads are available on Amazon.

4- Apply wood half beads with E6000 and allow to dry (this glue is waterproof so it can be used outdoors)

5- Be sure the beads are applied in a straight line

6- Mix baking soda with 1 cup of latex paint

7- I use latex paint for durability. It will have better durability for outdoor use

8- Add enough baking soda so you can see a grainy texture.

9- Paint over the beads and pot using long horizontal strokes. The long strokes will give the illusion of handmade pottery. You can stipple around the beads and then go back over the beads with long strokes.

10- Don’t forget to do the top half of the inside of the pot (you’ll be able to see this)

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