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What’s the best lightbulb? 3 designers chime in with their favorite

The best lightbulb is out there!

Little lamps are having a moment right now. They’re a fantastic substitute if you don’t want to wire for that fancy under cabinet lighting. Some women just like the cozy touch a mini lamp adds to a kitchen counter corner. But what if you don’t have an outlet, or you don’t want to see bunchy cords poking around the back?

There’s a lightbulb that has been blowing up the internet. It illuminates on battery power so you can cut the cords. No more tripping over lamp wires! This got us thinking – is there one lightbulb to rule them all? Interior Designers are often passionate about the bulbs they use. We reached out to a few Studio 5 designer friends and asked: what’s your all-time favorite bulb?


What is the Best Lightbulb?

Interior Designer Lauren Oviatt says she’s definitely passionate about her bulbs, and her favorite is none other than a halogen PAR20 lightbulb. She loves using it over a sink in a bathroom, where it delivers a clear and sparkling light. A bonus—it’s dimmable!

Joseph Ward, from Homeward Design, says he stands by the kelvin scale for his bulb choices. He sticks to anything in between 2,700-3,000 kelvin. This delivers a bright light that’s great for ceilings, lamps, and any other accent lighting.

Liz Powell, from Liz Powell Design, loves this gold tipped lightbulb. She says it’s perfect for the light fixture that’s open or glass, when you don’t want to see a bright bulb through the lamp. It softens the bright glow of the light but still gives you a beautiful glow.

It’s always fun to get some expert opinions. Thanks to these designers for sharing their two-cents about the lightbulb.

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