High Tech Gadgets at CES

Jessica Foust, from Top Ten Reviews just got back from the show and has the latest trends in technology.

Manufactures introduced over 20,000 new products at CES this year. The most cutting edge technology had everybody excited and will prove to create some new trends in 2010. The biggest products of the show included 3D TVs, e-readers, wireless charging, and touch-screen computers. Even though most of the products we saw won’t be released until later this year, it gives us a chance to see what’s coming.

3D TVs

3D was the biggest topic at this year’s CES. All the big players announced 3D compatible HDTVs including Samsung, Panasonic, LG, and Sony. Panasonic had by far the most impressive 3D technology. Their VT25 series should be released this spring. Panasonic will be among the first to make 3D HDTVs available in the US.

This technology will take off but the implementation is still a ways off. Most 3D TVs don’t come with 3D glasses. Which means you’ll have to buy a pair of 3D glasses for every person watching TV. Plus there is not a lot of 3D content to watch-yet. But if you’re an avid sports fan, ESPN plans to start their own 3D network in June, 2010.


This was another big category at CES. A slew of new e-readers were announced including Plastic Logic’s Que. The Que has a 10.7 inch touch display. It’s very light and it does more than just read books. It allows you to view and edit documents, download magazines, and oversee your schedule. It is a great product to use, but here’s the catch-the price. The 4GB Wi-Fi version is $649 and the 8GB version with Wi-Fi and 3G is $799. If manufactures could bring the prices down, e-readers would really hit mass appeal.

The Demy also caught our attention. It’s a digital recipe reader for your kitchen. It stores up to 2,500 recipes. Along with recipes, it offers many features to help you cook like finding substitutes. It also has a timer, index, and a conversion tool to change from one measurement to another. It has a splash-resistant design and is easy to clean. It’s a sleek reader that will come in handy while cooking in the kitchen.

Wireless Charging

No more do you have to have a charger for every gadget you own. By using what’s called “inductive-coupling” companies like Powermat make an electric current flow inside your mobile device, charging its battery -without wires – simply by placing it on a charging station.

Powermat’s wireless charging is simple. All you need is a charging mat and a receiver. For instance, to charge your BlackBerry Curve, you have to put in one of Powermat’s new custom-made batteries, called Powerpaks. Then you simply place your phone on the mat which charges it. The Powerpak batteries are the same size as your phone’s original batteries. So it’s as simple as taking out the original battery and replacing it with a Powerpak battery.

Touch-Screen Devices

Touch-screens appeared on a lot of devices at CES. Lenovo got most of the attention in this arena. Their smartbook called Skylight, runs on Linux and offers great web browsing, video viewing, and using widgets.

MSI had their All-in-One touch-screen computers at CES. Their touch-screen was quite responsive and looked great in its trendy frame. The AE 1900 series comes ready to watch 16:9 video and has built-in 2.0 speakers with the latest SRS Premium Sound technology.

ASUS announced their multi-touch tablet netbook. The ASUS Eee PC T101MT was branded as having a resistive multi-touch panel. However it didn’t work nearly as well as we had hoped. It was unresponsive several times while we were using it.

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