Hip New Color Combinations

Marcie Pratt, a designer for Staged Elements, shows three hip new color combinations and explains what they can do.

As spring sets upon us many home owners are finding themselves trying to shake off their winter blues. But STOP… don’t get rid of that blue color too fast because color is what 2009 design is all about. The hot color trends for this season are invigorating and can easily be implemented no matter what your personality or design skill level is. These uplifting color combinations can easily be defined in 3 categories:

Simplexity: Cool aqua, yellow, and gray. Simplexity takes complex colors
and allows you to introduce them into the home through simple elements.
Yellow energize the room while the cool aqua and gray work together to
balance the room and create a calming effect.

Organic/Raw: Green apple, brown and cream. This color combo freshens and
brings a room to life by bringing elements from the outdoors inside. It adds
a splash of color but it is still grounded by neutrals to create safety and
security. You can easily change your focal color from green to anything else
throughout the year for an easy transitional change.

Urban: Clementine orange, gray, and white. This is a sophisticated group of
colors. The orange suggests confidence and design maturity in a room. It is
a great color to allow a home to have a mix of traditional and modern. Table
settings are a fabulous way to ease your way into orange it will stun your
guests and visitors every time.

If you are looking to add some dimension to your home so it will stand out in the real estate world and need staging expertise, or even if it is to help define the new you, you can contact Staged Elements. Marci Pratt (435) 770-5548, Kristi Hartman (801)694 7891 or visit us at www.Stagedelements.com We also have exclusive online staging and design!

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