hit the pool

Time to hit the pool! This bag is all you’ll need to store your water gear…

By Lauren Tippetts

How many pool days does your family take every summer? If your answer was one or more, you’re gonna need a hefty bag before your hit the pool. There’s towels, pool toys, not to mention dry clothes and hair stuff. This bag holds it all. But, enough talk. Let’s just show it to you.

Baggu Travel Cloud Bag, $52

Perfect, right?! Here’s something you might not get from the picture. See those straps? You know, the ones that usually dig into your shoulder when you’re wearing a swimsuit? Yeah, they’re padded! No shoulder battle scars! If that alone isn’t enough, here’s a list of all the features a pool bag should have. And, you’ll note, this bag has them all.

Machine washable: check
Spacious: check
Waterproof: check
Pockets: check
Closable: check

Shall we keep going? Because we could! So next time you’re gathering the toys, and the towels, and the goggles, whip out this bag and you’ll be set for a full day at the pool.

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