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Hitting the lake this summer? Here are 7 boating essentials you didn’t know you needed

Level up your lake day gear! These boating essentials will change your life.

By Lauren Tippetts

Utah is home to some good lakes. Deer Creek, Sand Hollow, Bear Lake, Rockport, Lake Powell, the list never ends! Whether you’re spending your day out on the water or along the shoreline, you’ll be soaking up those summer vibes. If you are all about that lake life, these boating essentials will change the way you look at a day on the beach.


Inflatable Beach Chair, $45.98

Studio 5 Trend Tracker Mindy Dunyon mentioned these cool chairs on the show several years ago, but allow us to jog your memory. These inflatable loungers might just be the most comfortable beach chair out there. You just hold the opening up to the lake breeze, close it up, and you have a relaxing spot to sit all day long.


Sand Proof Beach Blanket, $34.47

Sand is a problem, but it comes with a day at the beach. It gets all over, and towels and blankets just soak it up. Do yourself a favor and grab a sand proof beach blanket. Loose particles wipe right off of the material, so no more shaking sand into the wind as you pack up. This blanket folds right into the perfect carrying case too!


Insulated Cooler Backpack, $34.99

Say goodbye to that weird, shoulder strap situation. Carrying your beach lunch just got that much easier. Just sling it over your back! This cooler backpack is big enough to fit everyone’s lunch, drinks, and snacks.


Inflatable Relaxation Island, $90-$200

Okay, this might be the ultimate lake toy. This inflatable island seats seven adults, has a built in cooler for your Diet Coke (or Dr. Pepper Cream Soda…), and has multiple hang-on spots for the water lovers. It’s perfect for tossing out of the boat in the middle of the lake, or just off the shore for a water hangout.


Waterproof Dry Bag, $19.99

Every boating junkie needs a dry bag. Store all your valuables and technology inside so when it inevitably gets sprayed, or heaven forbid, falls overboard, all those important things are protected. If it does fall out, it floats! And the bright color will lead you right back to it.


Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker, $32.99

We couldn’t put together a list of boating essentials without a good speaker! Whether you’re boating or beaching, some good tunes are absolutely necessary. Mount this speaker in your boat, or just pack it along for a day on the shore. A little splash won’t hurt it!


Dog Life Jacket, $32.99

Your furry friend can probably swim, but if you hit the lake often, investing in a life jacket for Fido is a good idea. The bright colors will help you keep your eye on them, and the added support of a life jacket helps them swim with ease.

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