“Hitting the Market”, Part 2

She’s a regular at the Murray Park Market– and she fills her wagon to the brim. Amy says there is an art to “hitting the market”. Knowing the tips and tricks can make that sweet corn a little sweeter.

We asked some market veterans they’re advice for novice shoppers. Their first tip has to do with what you take with you, not what you plan to take home.

Come prepared with your own cloth or recycled shopping bags.

Some just “bag” the bags altogether and wheel out their deals.

“Normally I bring a big huge wagon,” one customer said.

Probably the most important thing to bring along is money. Some markets do take credit cards, but it’s a good idea to come with plenty of cash.

The next tip has to do with the temperature. The later you come, the hotter it is.

“Come early when its cool and it’s not too crowded and you can just wander around and hang around for awhile,” another customer said.

Once you arrive, don’t buy the first thing you see– it could save you some dough, and you may get a better product.

“I would say walk the entire market one time around so you know everything that’s here,” Amy said. “The prices at the entrance are always higher than the prices in the middle.”

And don’t be afraid to ask questions and sample before you buy.

Most vendors are happy to give you a taste test. But the tip we heard the most was just to simply take it all in and enjoy.

“Plan on taking your time and enjoying it rather than rushing through and going after something,” a customer said. “You’ve got to see it. You’ve just got to experience it.”

Corn – Schmidt Farms: Salt Lake Valley, available at Park City and South Jordan Markets

Cantelope – Thompson Family Farms: Hurricane, Utah available at the Downtown market.

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