Holiday Garlands

Add some sparkly swag to your holiday celebrations with creative garlands.

Studio 5 Party and Holiday Contributor Alisa Bangerter shares a fresh batch of holiday garlands!


Fall Leaves: Make a garland out of jute, raffia, ribbon, twigs, etc. Cut out leaves from old book pages and distress using ink or tea. Attach cut out leaves from fall colored cardstock. Attach a pen/marker so people can write what they are thankful for on each leaf and attach it to the garland among the book page leaves.

Corn Husk Garland: Attach corn husks (purchase in grocery stores in Mexican food section) to jute or a natural rope. Tie strips of fall colored fabric and pieces of raffia among the husks. It also would look cute to add some Indian corn to the garland if available.

Burlap Sentiment Garland: Cut squares or triangles of burlap. Use a letter stencil and acrylic or spray paint to create a letter on each piece. Attach to a string, jute or ribbon. Sayings such as gather, fall, thankful, family, etc. are nice for Thanksgiving. These look nice added to a pre-made leaf garland as well.

Fall Felt Garland: Cut 2-3″ wide strips of fall colored felt and using a needle and jute, thread the felt loosely back and forth onto the jute. This makes a cute homey garland to mix with other garlands or down the center of a table. Pinecones (natural or spray painted) would also look cute tucked among the felt.


Festive Socks Countdown: Pin or clip 25 assorted holiday baby socks to a ribbon. Number each with a felt or paper number. Place small treats in each one to countdown to Christmas. Mittens also work great with this idea.

Paper Straw Garland: Cut striped paper straws in random sized pieces and string. I like red/white striped with green/white for a traditional look. Or pair red/white and black/white or pink/white and teal/white etc. Add tiny ornaments, bells, candy or other holiday items among the garland.

Golden Rings Garland: Tie old jar lids together to make a garland. Can spray with spray paint any color to fit a theme. Rings can also be used for tiny frames for photos or Christmas images or letters.

Merry Merry Word Garlands: Free hand cut large letters form cardstock to spell holiday words, sayings or Christmas carols (or use an electronic cutter). Use a piece of tape to attach top of each letter to a piece of string, bakers twine or fishing line. Hang the garlands randomly across doorways or in a room.

Pretty Popcorn Garland: Thread popped popcorn onto string to make a garland. Lightly spray popcorn using food color spray (or if not eating can use spray paint…metallic is fun). You must spray very lightly so popcorn will not absorb the moisture and go soggy and shrink. A fun way to make unusual colored popcorn garlands.

New Year’s

2013 Tinsel Garland: Cut out large numbers from metallic paper or use poster board/spray paint/glitter. Attach to metallic ribbon. Tie clumps of tinsel icicles (purchase in Christmas supplies) along a metallic ribbon. Makes a very inexpensive and festive garland along walls or above doorways.

It’s a Party! Garland: String heavy ribbon along a wall. Attach party hats, noise makers, small bags of confetti, plastic toasting flutes, etc. along the ribbon. When midnight nears, everyone removes items from the garland to use when the clock strikes twelve.

Colorful Paper Strip Garland: Cut strips of cardstock approximately 1″ x 6″. Lay them side by side and sew down the middle. Another option would be to use pieces of ribbon.

Paint Chip Garland: Gather a variety of free paint chips (theme colors, bright colors, etc.) from home improvement stores. Sew or tape them along a string or ribbon, cutting the chips as needed. A fun and inexpensive way to add quick décor.

New Year’s Fortune Garland: Attach wrapped fortune cookies to a string or ribbon and have guests choose one to find out their fortune for the new year. You could also personalize fortune cookies for guests and place in small cellophane bags and attach.

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