Staging a Beautiful Buffet

Transform your boring buffet style dinner into a meal everyone will rave over!

Studio 5 Mandy Douglass shares her fool proof tips to break out of your boring buffet table this Thanksgiving

· Start your table display with a simple white table cloth. Add a little color with a strip of fabric for a table runner. Visit a local antique store or even better, grab some of your favorite family heirlooms to decorate the table. Use boxes, apple crates etc to create levels in your food display.

· Let the food be your color! Adding beans, corn, or nuts as a base liner to your dishes will give the food color. Rather than a standard relish tray, use vegetables to create a darling centerpiece turkey. (picture from

· If you’re going to have a buffet table, it may ease the stress of your guest and the host by creating individual portioned side dishes and condiments. Cupcake liners and nut cups are a really trendy item right now. They can be found in many stores (Orson Gygi has a great variety) in many colors and sizes.

Having a few of your dishes divided into individual portions will first ease the stress of the host by making sure she has enough for each guest. Second, it will allow each guest to quickly pick up their side dish, and not have to juggle their plate. No more spoon handles in the jello, each is proportioned easily in those darling cups.

· Printable food labels & decorations can also add color and punch to your Thanksgiving table. Download the printable tags and decorations to your computer. Print them off yourself or send them to your favorite local printer. Hand write the name of each dish on the labels for your guests!

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