Holiday Glitz & Glamour

Studio 5 Beauty & Style Contributor Holly Stones shares six ways to add a little something.

With the holiday season comes the opportunity to attend work parties or friend/family gatherings. How can you jazz up your outfit with a little holiday cheer? Here are a few suggestions:

HOLIDAY GLITZ & GLAMOUR: Highlighting Mascara

This season, the beauty industry has jumped on full board to launch a new concept in highlighting-colored mascara designed specifically to compliment eye colors. The idea is to create a brightening effect by adding a complimentary color close to the eyes. Do they work? Well yes and no. The idea that adding colored mascara can “brighten” the eye is flawed. This technique alone cannot add brightness to the eye. They can, however, accentuate the eye color and create a deeper and more noticeable eye. And they work wonderfully if that is your goal.

Apply base coat first. If wearing bolder eye shadow, then apply color to tip of lashes. If wearing lighter eye shadow, apply to entire lash. You don’t want too heavy a look by making the mascara compete with the shadow.

If your eyes are:

Holly’s Pick:

Max Factor Vivid Impact, Wal-mart, $7.98


This is the newest trend for this 2008 season: hair ornaments. It is an inexpensive way to add a pop of fashionable sparkle. Whether your hair is short or long or you are younger or more mature, a hair jewel will be flattering. Just look for a size and scale that is flattering. If your hair is longer or thick, a larger barrette or hair pin is great. If your hair is thin or short, a smaller piece would be appropriate. Wear just one to be the show piece. Too many hair ornaments will make you look like a Christmas tree. Keep it simple.

Holly’s Pick:

For great quality, inexpensive hair bling, try


The days of Christmas sweaters adorned with holiday scenes are over. Instead, opt for a charm bracelet. It is not nearly as “loud” and can be a conversation starter at any party.

Holly’s Pick:

Silver or bronze Christmas charm bracelet ,, $89.00


This season, show your holiday cheer by wearing something red. A sweater, a handbag, a scarf or even a lipstick, this color symbolizes the holiday and can be a great way to get into the spirit.

Holly’s Picks:

Sweater, Nordstrom $29.90

Handbag, Claire’s $15.00

Scarf, Buckle $21.00

Lipstick, MAC Dubonnet $14.00

ONLINE EXTRA: Click HERE to learn which shade of red is right for your personal coloring.


A piece of jewelry with sparkle is a great way to show your holiday spirit. A word of caution: too much bling is too busy and doesn’t allow the eye to focus on one statement piece. Choose A necklace, A pair of earrings, or A bracelet. But not all three. Long styles of necklaces are flattering with simple, higher necklines, short styles are flattering with round, square or v-neck.
If you like sparkle but don’t want to wear it the entire evening, take a brooch and attach it to a plain purse or use it to secure the knot of a scarf. This is the ultimate accessory to add sparkle to an outfit.

Holly’s Picks:

Necklaces: Charlotte Russe $12-18

Brooch:, $48.00

HOLIDAY GLITZ & GLAMOUR: Bronzer with Shimmer

Apply to the décolleté area to add an eye catching light reflection. And a little additional sparkle. Can also be applied to brow bone or cheek bone for a glammed-up look. Be cautious as this type of product can draw attention to fine lines and wrinkles.

Holly’s Pick:

Bath and Body Works Shimmer Powder, $15.00

Holly Stone is a regular contributor on Studio 5 and also the owner of the local style and image company “Your Image, Your Way. With 19 years experience in the industry, Holly founded this company on the philosophy that refining your image can give you the confidence you need to live life to its fullest. Your Image, Your Way is a full-service image management company that can enhance your style while remaining true to your personality.

Services include:

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Figure Profile: Learn the styles of clothing that flatter your specific figure type

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Personal Shopping: Save time and let us do your clothing shopping for you. We know the best fabrics, fits and styles to suit you. Our extensive knowledge of shopping outlets allows us to shop within your budget.

Make up lessons: Have your make-up bag evaluated to see what is working/not working for you and why. Learn about skin care, brushes, the difference between drug store and department store products, the best colors for you and how to apply them based on your unique facial characteristics and lifestyle.

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