Holiday Swags and Garlands

Many of you are starting to decorate for the holidays and Studio 5 is sharing
inspiration to dress up your Christmas décor with designer flair.

Studio 5 Party, Holiday and Ideas Contributor, Alisa Bangerter shares 8
holiday garlands to deck your halls and your home.

Silver Twig Garland

Simply gather a bundle of twigs and cut branches. Wrap the bundle together
in the middle with thin wire so it holds together. Spray entire bundle with
silver spray paint. Wrap center with a ribbon if desired. Hang suspended over
a door, mantle, table, etc. and then decorate with silver ornaments, crystals,
silver birds, etc.

Ornament Greenery Garland

Wire a variety of ornaments to a garland of greenery. Wire individual
ornaments or cluster several together making it very full. The dollar store is
a great place to buy inexpensive nice looking plastic ornaments for this – if it
will be used outside.

Pinecone Garland

This is a simple but classic garland. Use scented pinecones or natural (check
in your neighborhood to see if someone has pinecones dropped form their
tree they would let you have). Simply screw in a cup hook in the top of each
pinecone (I used ¾” hooks). Punch holes in a satin ribbon randomly spaced.
Tie a bow at each end of the ribbon and hang on a mantle. Insert hooks
through ribbon so pinecones hang.

Gingerbread Cookie Door Swag

Cut some natural greenery or branches (I cut some wild rose bush branches
that had some green and brown leaves with red berries) and wire ends
together to create a hanging cluster. Tie on a bow or ribbons. Bake large
gingerbread men cookies and place a hole in the top before they cool. Tie on
the cookies to branch cluster using wire or tiny ribbon. (To help preserve
cookies – bake firm and then coat with a flat finish varnish or clear outdoor

Picture Frame Garland

Buy small lightweight picture frames and tie together with satin ribbon. Fill
frames with family photos, letters to spell a word, family Christmas wishes,
etc. Hang on a mantle or stair bannister. The dollar store is a great place to
buy these type frames. Remember you can spray paint frames to match any
type of holiday décor. I also like placing small chalkboards in each frame to
write on. Make your own by spraying the glass, thin wood or chipboard with
chalkboard paint.

Greenery/Tinsel Chain

A fun twist on a traditional paper chain is to make one out of unique pipe
cleaners. Make small or large loops and twist together and connect as you
would a paper chain. I like using pipe cleaners that are made to look like
greenery. This would look really neat hung along an old fence with some red

Brown Paper Sack Countdown Garland

Place large numbers on small natural colored paper sacks and fill each with a
trinket or treat. Attach sacks to a greenery garland and use as a countdown
to Christmas. This would look really cute along a stair bannister.
Musical Paper Snowflake Garland

Use old sheets of music or copy some onto a natural colored paper. Fold and
cut into snowflakes. Distress with walnut ink, chalk or tea. Let dry. Hang
from a garland or attach each to a ribbon or piece of twine.

TIP: Make a flexible real greenery garland: Cut pieces of
evergreen such as pine, boxwood, cedar, juniper etc. Wire each piece onto a
flexible rope using thin wire (or fishing line) and layer each piece as you go.
This makes a nice flexible garland.

TIP: Scenting your garlands: A fun tip is to nestle a car
freshener in a garland for added scent (try cinnamon, pine, vanilla, etc.).

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