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The holiday travel season is fast approaching and if you have plans to jet out of town or even overseas for the holidays, you should definitely be prepared for the unexpected. Here to talk about 7 common travel problems and how to avoid them is Travel Advisor Rusty Chambers with Andavo Travel.

What are the 7 common travel problems?

1. Delayed or canceled flight
Flight delays, whether mechanical or weather related, are a common plague of airline travel. According to the US Department of Transportation, approximately one out of five flights in the United States was delayed or canceled in 2010. Look to see if the airline you’re flying has an app available for your Smartphone. You can login to check the status of your flight before you even get to the airport. Also, a travel advisor can act as an ‘eagle eye’ when you’re stranded, providing solutions to reroute your travel plans when a flight delay or cancelation occurs.

2. Overbooked flight
Most airlines overbook their flights to compensate for “no-shows.” If there are more passengers than seats just before a plane is scheduled to depart, you could be “bumped” or left behind against your will. Avoid the hassle of waiting for the gate agent to help. A travel advisor can quickly rebook you for another flight to help you get on your way.

3. Overbooked hotel
Most hotels, if they claim overbooked, are required to put you in a similar or upgraded hotel nearby. Even if this is the only option, stand your ground. The hotel will likely accommodate before you file a complaint and you can always call your travel advisor to help walk you through the process.

4. Lost or stolen money
Nothing can ruin a vacation faster than lost or stolen money. There are necessary precautions when traveling to protect your identity and hard-earned cash. Keep a separate list of your credit cards and phone numbers so you can call and cancel them immediately after they go missing. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, 20% of identity theft victims indicated it came from a lost or stolen wallet. Also, purchasing travel insurance through your travel advisor is a must, especially when traveling overseas, because you’ll be covered on the necessities while you work to recover your lost or stolen items.

5. Car rental issues
When renting a car for vacation, be aware of hidden fees, pick-up times and the appropriate vehicle for your needs. Insurance, taxes and airport sub charges, gas charges and drop-off charges can increase your initial statement by more than double. Be aware of the total from the beginning. Review your charges before you sign. If something doesn’t look right, discuss it with a rental agent before you leave the lot.

6. Getting sick

Getting sick while on vacation is not fun, but knowing where to go for medical attention, if needed, will give great peace of mind. Another benefit of purchasing travel insurance (especially when traveling overseas) is the added resources a travel advisor can provide—helping you get to an English-speaking doctor and directing you to recommended facilities to get proper care.

7. Passport or Customs complications
Always prepare for the unexpected when traveling through customs. Countries often change foreign entry requirements, so if you book your travel yourself, be sure to research the policies of the country you’re traveling to and what is required before you go. It’s also safe to keep the phone number to the U.S. Embassy on-hand. You can avoid many of the passport and customs frustrations by booking your travel through a travel advisor. Travel advisors deal with the regulations and requirements of foreign travel on a daily basis, so they know the ins and outs to make your vacation travel go smoothly.

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