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Spring time = project time! These 8 home improvement tools will make your life easier

How many spring projects are on your to-do list? These are the home improvement tools that should be in your belt. Or, on your table!

By Lauren Tippetts

Quarantine landed right in the middle of project season, and thank goodness! So many people have used this extra time to get the jump on their Spring to-do list. If you have a few projects under your belt, maybe you’ve realized your toolbox is lacking. We rounded up some of the top rated home improvement tools that will make the next project on your list 10 times easier.



Black + Decker Jigsaw With Battery & Charger, $52.99

Jigsaws are ideal for cutting irregular shapes and curves. So having a cord to deal with can be a little frustrating. This cordless, battery powered model will give you so much more freedom!


Craftsman Cordless Brad Nail Gun, $179

Here’s another cordless tool that will change the way you work. This nail gun gets rid of the need for a compressor and lengths upon lengths of hose!


DeWalt Palm Sander, $49

Sometimes, sanding by hand is just not going to happen. Enter palm sander. It will help you get a polished surface in half the time.


Foam Kneeling Pad, $13.97

Projecting often means hours on your knees or your seat. Without something to sit on, you might regret your ambitious project before you’ve really gotten started. A foam kneeling pad will save your knees, and your backside!

DeWalt Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit, $176

Adding this to your collection is a no-brain buy! Trimming screws, removing rust, sanding, scraping adhesive, we could keep going. This will be the most reached for tool in your bag.


Plastic Contour Gauge, $21.40

Measuring around corners gets confusing and frustrating, and is often inaccurate. Remember those pin impression toys? This tool is like that, but for your tool belt! This contour gauge molds to anything, giving you the most accurate measurement.


SKIL Self-Leveling 360-Degree Cross Line Laser, $83.83

Never question your leveling skills again! This laser level projects up to 65 feet (!!!) and automatically levels to eliminate any guess work.


Magnetic Stud Finder, $7.46-$62.88

This isn’t your average stud finder. Equipped with powerful rare earth magnets, this is the most accurate tool for finding studs. No more frustrating hours trying to fine one stud!

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