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Brightroom from Target

Which home organizing system is best? A pro organizer gives her opinion on two new lines

Pick the home organizing system that’s right for your lifestyle.

Spring organizing is upon us, so we put bins and boxes in the hot seat. There is an organizing battle brewing on the home aisles of your local Target and Walmart as two all-new, very popular brands compete for your money.

We asked our good friend and pro organizer Michelle Inkely to share her opinion on the Home Edit line from Walmart, and the Brightroom line from Target. She’s done her research and she knows her stuff, so let the games begin!

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Home Organizing: Target or Walmart?

The first line was created by two women you know. You might even be binging season two of their reality show right now on Netflix! Clea and Joanna from the Home Edit created a home organizing line exclusively for Walmart. The products are sleek and chic. There’s lots of clear acrylic to showcase the brand’s signature rainbow organizing style.

But, wait a hot home minute, because you’ll find a rival brand at everybody’s favorite Target called “Brightroom.” You’ll see lots of warm woven and metal products in this line. Starting at two dollars per product, it’s being marketed as the budget friendly buy.

So who wins the Spring organizing wars of 2022?

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