wooden easter eggs

Neutral is here to stay! Decorate wooden Easter eggs to blend traditional and trendy

You can dress up some wooden Easter eggs for a modern yet festive look.

The neutral trend seems here to stay, which makes decorating for a holiday like Easter – known for its pretty pastels – a little tricky. One way to blend the traditional with the trendy is to focus on the shape – eggs and bunnies, but in neutral form. And we won’t just leave it at that.

Michelle Inkley shares how to dress up those wooden eggs and display them in different areas of your home. To decorate, you can add twine, use decopodge to match the colors of your home, paint half, or leave them as natural wood.

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5 Ways to Display Wooden Easter Eggs

  1. Faux Easter branches and hang on tree by adding an eye hook in the wood or plastic eggs
  2. In a nest under a bell jar
  3. In a dough bowl filled with natural colored grass
  4. In egg holders placed in a shelf
  5. On small candle sticks