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Home School Help: 5 Fun Writing Activities

By Liana Cannon

In these days of coming up with all our own curriculum, we need all the help we can get! Sometimes it can be difficult to find that balance between initiating activities that will keep kids engaged and focused but still have them learn. One subject that incorporates both aspects is writing! It’s a vital skill that allows kids to express themselves and be creative. So here are four fun writing activities that get out the wiggles and bring out the giggles!

Wall Name Signs

I found this cute idea on the ‘Busy Toddler’ Instagram page. It’s pretty simple! This is great for toddlers and little kids learning to write their name. Just find some old card board around the house or grab some from the back warehouse of the grocery store. Write your kids’ names on the cardboard or help them to write it really big – bubble letters are a plus! Tape the cardboard to a wall or fence and put some washable paint in tins or containers and have them color in their names. Having it hang on the wall helps with their arm muscle development and keeps them from sitting all day. They’ll learn the letters of their name and have a poster to keep!

Invisible Ink Messages

Gear up your little detectives for this cool experiment when science meets crafts! You’ll need white paper, a Q-tip, and a compound liquid like lemon juice, milk, vinegar, honey, or orange juice. Dip the Q-tip in the liquid of your choice and write secret messages to each other on the paper. At room temperature, the liquids are colorless, and you won’t be able to see them. However, when you place them over a heat source like a stove or light bulb and the heat will oxidize the liquid, making your messages appear!

Watch how the experiment went for Suzy Chapman and her kids. She says it’s all about the heat- the closer and longer they held the papers over the heat source, the darker their messages appeared. (Take note: she said the blow-drying technique was a no-go!)

Puffy Sidewalk Paint

This is a creative, fun way to use the leftovers of old sidewalk chalk! In addition, you’ll need flour, dish soap, water, plastic squeeze bottles for this recipe. Mix a cup of flour with a cup of cold water and a tablespoon of dish soap. Use a cheese grater to grind your old sidewalk chalk to a pulp and whisk into your mixture to create a colorful paint. Pour it into squeeze bottles and begin writing on the sidewalk! I found this clever idea on It adds a little flare to normal sidewalk chalk and can help kids put more detail into their letters since the squeeze bottle top is much more fine than the bulky tip of sidewalk chalk.

Magazine Comic Strips

Kids of any age can participate in this activity- even your teens! Collect old magazines, brochures, and pamphlets. Cut out pictures of people and draw or cut out a speech bubble to put next to people. Have your kids fill in the speech bubble to make a story or caption them to make funny memes!

Edible Bread Paint

The solution to hangry kids during home school: an edible writing activity! I found this game-changing activity on You’ll need white bread, granulated sugar, gel food coloring, and a paintbrush. Start with a tablespoon of sugar, a tablespoon of hot water, and a dab of food coloring and experiment with color and texture from there. You don’t want it really diluted because the thicker it is, the more prominent the colors will show up and the less soggy it will make your bread. Pull out your brushes and start writing lunch notes to one another! When writing has done you in… go ahead and eat your messages!

If you feel like you’re running out of home school ideas, take a look around you. There’s a world of resources right in your own home and sometimes the simplest of activities can make the most lasting memories.

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