homecoming dance

Teens at East High Throw Homecoming Dance for Special Ed Students

High school is a whirlwind of football games, studying, and dances. One Utah school is making sure all students are included in these activities. Student officers at East High made Homecoming a night their special education students would never forget.

Brittany Tait shares how these teens hosted a dance for their special ed kids.


  • Students at San Juan High school in Blanding, Utah have been throwing a prom for special students every year for many years.

      • Hi Brittany,

        My name is Jessica Drake. I’m the special Education Teacher here at East High. I will definitely contact you once Prom rolls are puns. I believe it is in April. East is already hosting a Dress Drive where students can donate there old tuxes and dresses so my students have something to wear! Our student government is amazing and going all out for my kids and I love it!