homemaking is peace
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Homemaking Is Peace: The moving personal essay that has us rallying

In a turbulent world, homemaking is peace.

In the face of all that’s happening in our world, and in response to the helplessness we sometimes feel because of it, here’s the reminder we all need: peace starts at home.

Camilla Packer put pen to paper to describe how she brings peace to her little corner of the world… and her words have our (homemaker) hearts rallying.


Homemaking is Peace

To me, homemaking is all about peace.

Every fresh towel, every pair of folded socks, every clean spoon in the drawer, every ingredient in the fridge, every child soothed, adds peace to life.

And when someone avoids stepping in crumbs with their bare feet because the floor has been swept, that’s peace, too.

Homemaking is not a paid job, and it is not done for praise or even appreciate, but peace is the reward.

In a world where peace is in very short supply, I’ve found that the reward of peace is more than enough.

I believe everyone is a homemaker, regardless of age, gender, family circumstances or employment status. When we add peace to our life, or someone else’s life, that is homemaking.

We don’t need to be perfect at it or compare ourselves to other. We just need to remember that simple, humble tasks done in love really matter.

My greatest goal in life is to have peace in my heart and in my home. And so, I am grateful to be a homemaker.








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  • I love this! I have been looking at homemaking as a boring routine that holds little meaning. This puts it into perspective. Every small act of homemaking is adding peace to my home. Beautiful, brilliant words. Thank you!