Hormones and Your Weight

If you have been struggling to see results, the problem could be your hormones.
Dr. Robert Jones with the Center for Hormone Therapy shares why.


Faulty hormonal balance can be one of the main underlying causes for weight-loss resistance.

The thyroid gland can be under active, thus slowing the metabolism to a crawl and making the person tired all the time.

The pancreas can be faulty, leading to a condition called “insulin resistance”. In this condition, everything the person eats is converted to fat for long-term storage.

Another huge reason lies in a gland in the brain called the hypothalamus. It is the link between the nervous system and the hormones. We like to call it the “fat thermostat.” If you can affect that gland, losing weight becomes so much easier-especially for those that are weight-loss resistant.

There are simple tests that can be run to see if they are in one or more of the above categories. There is a lot of truth in the old adage, “Diets Don’t Work.” The three reasons above are why. Hormones run your body. When they are missing, low, or simply out of balance, your health will suffer…and your weight will go up.


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