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Host a perfect picnic with the grandkids! Here are the 5 P’s to make it purposeful

A perfect picnic is the perfect excuse to spend time with grandkids.

Any day with a grandchild feels like a picnic, and what a perfect way to make a lasting memory by sneaking in some quality time this summer.

Michele Bettridge says picnics can be as simple as you want, or as creative as you can imagine. They are an economical and healthy way to spend time together outside in the sunshine and fresh air.


5 P’s of a Perfect Picnic

  1.  Pic-A-Purpose:  Decide what you want to teach, learn, or experience with your grandkids. You can plan a plain ol’ picnic to save some time, OR you can plan around a message or a theme and use a little additional creativity. Here are some theme ideas to try:
  • Everyday Picnic
  • Patriotic Picnic
  • S’more Love Picnic
  • Pie-oneer Picnic


  1. Pic-A-Plan: Get some excitement and anticipation going for your grandkids with an invitation. Make a list of the things you want to bring. Planning can create safety and peace of mind even if you don’t follow your plan exactly.  Allow grandkids, especially older grandkids, to be part of the planning. Teaching planning skills alone can be so important and helpful.


  1. Pic-A-Place: Indoors or outdoors.  A familiar spot or a new adventure.  Match it with your purpose and of course make sure it’s a safe place. Don’t be afraid to ask your grandkids for ideas.


  1. Pic-A- Menu: This is a great chance to eat healthy food from the summer fruits and veggies. Ask the parents or the grandkids for suggestions. Grandkids can even help pack their own picnic with some cute baskets. You could also choose to do breakfast, a light lunch, or just a dessert.


  1. Pic-A-Fun Activity:  Match your activity for your theme or age of your grandkids. They will love games, cards, books, frisbees, corn hole, bubbles, or even things to capture nature.

Our time is so limited with these growing grandkids, and summer is a great way to relieve mom and dad and sneak in some time with them.

Michelle shares inspiration and ideas @thegiddygrandma on Instagram and Facebook. Be sure to visit her social media for 15 creative and fun picnic ideas.

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