Host Your Own BUNKO Night!

Studio 5 Contributor Mindy Dunyon caught up with a group of friends who play bunko, but say it’s really just a good excuse to get together.

Hostess Responsibilities

Bunko Room Set Up

• 3 Tables – square tables work best with 4 players per table.

• Bunko FOOD, table SNACKS, and drinks

• Bunko Box

Bunko Box – If you host a bunko party, you are responsible for all items which are stored in the official Bunko Box. The bunko box is passed from hostess to hostess and contains:

• Set of 3 die at each table (total of 12)

• Scorecards for every player to keep track of wins, losses, etc.

• 4 sharpened pencils at each table

• Travel Bear (or other designated soft prop)

• 2 notepads per table for scoring

How to play bunko

The 12 player group decides how many games are to be played (generally 3-5). Each player puts $10 into the pot.

A game consists of 6 rounds (1’s thru 6’s). First round you roll for 1’s, second round 2’s, etc. The OBJECTIVE is for you & your partner (the person sitting across from you) to roll more of that round’s number than the other team before someone yells game…or bunko!

To begin – someone yells “roll”. All tables begin rolling for that rounds number. Play rotates from player to player clockwise after a player does not roll that rounds number on any of the 3 die or a birdie (3 of the same die but NOT the round you are playing) or a Bunko (3 of the same die the round you are playing). If you roll that round’s number on any one of the 3 die you continue rolling until you don’t.

As soon as a team from any table gets 21 points (WINNERS), the round is over. The LOSING team from each table leaves and goes to the next table. The WINNERS stay.

You cannot have the same partner twice in a row. So switch when you switch tables.
Ghosts – if an individual cannot make it (and could not find a sub (frowned upon) then whoever has the ghost for a partner rolls two times in a row.

Bunko is over after the designated number of games is played. Then players add up their wins, losses, and bunkos to determine what prize they win.

Click here to download a BUNKO Game Board.

Click here to download a BUNKO calendar.

Click here to download a form for the number of people and prize

Click here to download a yearly payment chart.

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