Hot Summer Beauty: Tricks and Treats

By, Laci Davis

Profile Cosmetics

Laci Davis with Profile Cosmetics introduces some Hot Summer Beauty tricks and treats, that offer great summer looks, at a great summer price!



When it comes to coverage during the summer season, bare is best! Tuck away the heavy foundation for a different day. Summer is a time to celebrate the skin you are in. If possible, skip the foundation all together. Instead, go for a good moisturizer that will replenish the typically dry summer skin. When selecting a moisturizer, be sure to look for a product that also contains sunscreen.
If you absolutely can’t live without it—opt for a tinted moisturizer or something with only partial coverage. MAC offers a great summer foundation called Hyper Real (Nordstrom, $27.00) that is light, contains SPF 15 and results in a luminescent finish.


If you only invest in one summer beauty product, let bronzer be your best friend. Ninety percent of the summer face is about your base color. A good bronzer or self tanning product is a summer staple, no girl should go without out.
The Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick is a fabulous bronzing product. It comes in four different shades: Apricot, Bronze, Sandstone and Rose. Each compact blends together five different colors to provide overall, natural color. The Shimmer Brick lives up to its name, offering a shimmer that will catch the light of any summer sun. Because make-up with glitter or frost tends to accentuate fine lines and wrinkles, be sure to use sparingly in those areas.
To avoid skin damage but still have that great face tan opt for a self tanner. “Skin Drench” from Sally Beauty supply is a great self-tanning spray. For a more subtle tan Olay Body Touch or Sun goes on smoothly and gives a great sun-kissed glow.


Summer is the perfect time to play with color. This season coral and pinks are the colors to choose. We are also seeing a lot of gold and bronze paired up with a fun turquoise. Make sure to use a primer before applying your eye shadow to avoid the ‘cakey’ melt down look in your crease.

For lips, coral and pink are still the way to go. Just lip gloss will do for a fresh summer look. To help your lip gloss last longer apply a matching liner to lips before applying lip gloss this also can intensify the color if your wanting a darker look. Fever Gloss by Lancôme (Various Department Stores, $22.00) is a new gloss that is lipstick in a bottle giving you all day wear. E.L.F ( also has a great gloss with a SPF 15 in it—and it’s all only $1.00!

Because we want to avoid heavy lines and color around the eyes, a lighter color of mascara is ideal for the summer season. Experiment with a soft black or even a brown, to add summer softness to your eyes. Skip the eyeliner all together.

The dark mauve and black nail color that was so popular during the winter and spring has now been replaced with pink and silver. If you are flaunting your toes all over the place this summer, then consider painting your nails a fun, bright color. Bright pink is especially popular this summer and looks great on all skin types. It’s especially striking against dark skin.

HOT SUMMER BEAUTY: Avoiding Summer Make-up Meltdown

Carry blotting paper with you at all time. You can get them at any drug store. I like Clean and Clear oil absorbing sheets, Press them onto your t-zone area over makeup to help maintain your finished look. Or, on days you don’t wear makeup, use them to keep the shine off your face.

Apply powder first. A light dusting of powder before applying makeup is a makeup artist trick used on models who have to stay fresh under heavy lights. Just don’t over do it to avoid a cakey look.

Use lighter makeup colors. Neutral-toned eye shadows aren’t as visible when they melt. Darker shades will show if they dissolve and gather in your eyelid creases. Always use a primer to help your shadow stay set.


Laci Davis is a licensed cosmetologist and a professional make-up artist. She is co-owner of Profile Cosmetics, a local make-up company.

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