Summer Hair Scare: Hair Helps to Survive the Season

Omar Mendez with Studio Nine Salon provides a little summer hair help.

PROBLEM: Flat, stringy and lifeless hair

This problem can be for several reasons. The hair may be flat, stringy or lifeless due to over processing. This either means the individual had too many chemical treatments done to their hair (i.e. color, perms, highlights) or they (or a friend) performed a chemical service on themselves ( i.e. store bought color, Sun In, etc.). When this problem occurs, the hair has minimal or no elasticity left and therefore looks lifeless, stringy and flat. However, it seems that the hair closest to the scalp is usually still in good condition and you can save some hair by using the right kind of products. For this type of problem, I would recommend using a reconstructive shampoo and conditioner designed especially for overstressed hair. There are also shampoos and conditioners that work on a new system called Nano. This works on a smaller molecular level to help repair or restore the hair to a more workable state. If you have this type of hair keep in mind that you should be doing some deep reconstructing treatments to your hair. This service should be available in your salon. In using a styling product make sure it is not too stiff. You don’t want your ends breaking off when you brush through your hair.

PROBLEM: Greasy hair

Greasy hair is due to a build up of grease from glands in the scalp. This can also make the hair look stringy and lifeless. Not shampooing enough can result in a build-up of grease and material (i.e. dirt and bacteria). There are products designed for this type of problem. These particular shampoos are formulated to be more cleansing and the conditioners not as heavy. If you are dealing with greasy hair remember shampooing more often will not encourage the production of grease. When using a styling product use one that will provide volume to your hair so that you can get lift from the scalp.

PROBLEM: Dry and dull hair

This type of problem can also be due to overworked hair (i.e. chemical services such as bleaching or highlighting, thermal ironing, hot rollers and over blow drying). If you have this type of hair, it is recommended that you invest in hydrating or moisturizing shampoos and conditioners. They will help combat the dryness of the hair and you should also be receiving moisture treatments on your hair to bring that sheen. When using styling products make sure to use a thermal protective product for when you are using those hot tools. This will help in the protection of the hair.

PROBLEM: Frizzy hair

Frizzy hair is usually a result of natural curl or wave, and therefore can be dry. You would want the same type of regime as you would for dry dull hair. Use a shampoo that is moisturizing or hydrating for this problem and also I recommend deep moisturizing treatments. I do not, however, recommend the hot oil treatments you can purchase at the corner grocery store. The deep treatments that you can receive at a salon are more beneficial than what you can buy. This type of treatment contains far more conditioners and proteins that are important to your hair to look and feel healthy. A styling product that I might recommend for this type of hair would be, a light mousse or a spray gel, or some type of pomade. I like to use styling products that are water soluble, because that minute the water hits the hair it starts to break down and then a shampoo and your hair is left without a residue.

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