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Fountain of Youth Laser and Skin Care’s Dr. Laurence Smith appears on Studio 5 with great information on helping to improve your appearance and self esteem.


Fountain of Youth Laser and Skin Care in South Ogden is a free-standing clinic that is devoted exclusively to medical aesthetics and weight management. Dr. Brent Williams and Dr. Laurence Smith combine 50 years of medical experience to make your visit a special one.

One of the procedures they provide is the injection of dermal fillers for deep lines and wrinkles. Showcased on Studio 5 was the Radiesse” procedure. Dr. Williams and Dr. Smith have trained extensively to use this procedure by attending several training seminars and had the “Radiesse” national trainers to their facility to work directly with them and their clients.

What is Radiesse? This is a dermal filler that has recently been approved for correction of naso-labial folds cosmetically and for correction of facial atrophy (loss of normal fat) in AIDS patients. It is a naturally occurring human compound called Calcium Hydroxylappatite. The calcium has been encapsulated in small gel spheres and creates a long lasting foundation for the stimulation of natural collagen. Collagen is the substance that makes our skin thicker, tighter and more youthful in appearance.

Why would you need this treatment? We naturally make our own collagen until we are in our 30s. Collagen can be degraded from damage by sun exposure, dehydration and the aging process. We can stimualte collagen with an injury like a cut or a burn and once again improve the texture and health of the skin. We take advantage of that ability by using a dermal filler that promotes collagen formation. This leads to a long lasting correction until the natural collagen once again is broken down.

Are you a good candidate for this treatment? People who have loss of collagen from sun exposure or who have thin skin from aging or genetic factors will benefit the most. Those who have deep naso-labial folds, smile lines, undesirable dimples and loss of tissue over the cheek bones and jaw are the best candidates. The majority of clients choosing this treatment are between 25 and 75 years of age. We provide free consultations at the medical spa to help people understand the procedure and to evaluate the appropriateness of their individual case.

When should this procedure be done? There is a little down time with this type of injection due to expected swelling and bruising. We recommend that our clients have 1-2 days away from work and other social activities to allow some healing and improvement of appearance. Some people, however, have chosen to return to work immediately and just use make-up to cover any bruising.

Who should you have do this procedure? Only consider those licensed medical professionals who have been certified in Radiesse injection techniques. Check on the credentials of any physician that you are considering and log on to “” to see if they are listed as a trained injector with specific expertise in the use of this new tool.

For more information, go to or visit Dr. Smith or Dr. Williams at the Fountain of Youth offices at 1508 East Skyline Drive, Suite 600 in South Ogden, Utah. Or call (801) 475-6026 for more information

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