How People are Reaching Out to Help Those Coming Over the Border

You may have heard about the situation at the border. Most of what you hear is negative, but we want to look at things from a positive perspective.

Amanda Dickson shares how people in the border states are helping those who come into the U.S.

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  • This is by far one of the best segments aired by studio 5. It really touched my heart and moved me to tears. I thank the producers for taking time to cover immigration. I have been very tired to hear all the negativity around immigration, how all immigrants are dangerous criminals and terrorists. I’m happy to see the facts here, that most immigrants are families with children who just want to work and raise their families, not criminals.

    I was happy to hear the lady saying that our political affiliations really don’t matter when you have the choice to help someone, just help. I’m happy these members have learned this lesson and care more about people than laws or politics. I think LDS in other states and everyone should learn this lesson of pure love. Maybe Studio 5 could make another segment to inform people about how we can help. Maybe some of us could travel to Arizona and help.