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How to Baby Proof Your Home

Prepare your house for the day your little bundle of joy turns into a moving machine!

Michelle Pearson, host of the YouTube channel “I Am a Mommy of 1,
shares ways to baby proof your home.

Having a baby is always an exciting stage of life. Before you know it they are rolling, sitting up, crawling and even walking! Many parents are overwhelmed when their little bundle of joy turns into a moving machine. There are many simple things you can do around your home to make it a safe place for your baby to wander and explore.

Baby proofing should begin before the baby is even mobile. It is best to get on your hands and knees and get a good idea of what dangers your child could be exposed to.


This can be one of the most dangerous rooms in the house. It is always important to NEVER leave the baby unattended while in the bath. It is recommended that babies bath in warm, not hot water. This should be 96-100 degrees. It is also best to only fill the bathtub enough just to cover your child’s legs.

Some safety products that are useful in the bathroom include:

1. Non-slip tub covers: helps your child not slip if they pull themselves up in the tub.
$11.99 from Target

2. Spout protector: protects your child from the tub spout in case they slip.

$13.09 from Target:

3. Thermometer: helps parent make sure the water is not too warm for baby.

$3.99 from Babies ‘R’ Us


This is always an exciting room for mothers to decorate. Many dangerous aspects can be overlooked.

Many mothers are anxious to decorate and make the baby room as beautiful as possible. Many don’t realize that using a crib bumper is very unsafe and is a suffocation hazard. Experts recommend that mothers do not use drop-side cribs or soft pillows, blankets and toys inside of the crib. It is also recommended to place the crib away from any window or dangling cords. The crib mattress should also be moved down once the baby can pull themselves up.

Nursery safety products:

1. Sleep sacks: babies are kept warm and swaddled without the danger of the blanket covering their face.

$19.95 from Amazon


The kitchen can be a harmful place because there many items that are dangerous if your child gets a hold of them. It is easiest to place dangerous/breakable items in upper cabinets and out of reach. If that is not possible safety latches are a great and inexpensive option. One tip is to keep a couple of bottom cabinets unlocked and filled with Tupperware and other unbreakable items in order to distract your child from the other areas of the room. It is also important to lock away any cleaning products. Parents should also be cautious while preparing food. It is best to ALWAYS turn pot and pan handles away from the edge of the stove.

Safety Products for kitchen:

1. Cabinet latches: inexpensive and easy to install, these latches do not allow easy access to items in cabinets.

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The living area can be a challenge to baby proof because there are so many cords and heavy objects. Parents should do a walkthrough of the room and check for any wobbly furniture or heavy items. Furniture that is wobbly can be secured to the wall and items that could be pulled down should be taken away or placed in a different spot. Cords from the television or curtains should be placed behind furniture or taped to baseboards. This room should be cleaned often and should be free of small objects that could be potential choking hazards to children.

Safety Products for Living Area:

1. Baby Gate: When installed properly this item protects children from falling down or going up a staircase. It is important to get a hardware-mounted gate instead of a pressure-mounted one. Pressure mounted gates are dangerous and are easy to push over.

$39.99 from Toys ‘R’ Us

3. Straps for TV: Make sure the TV is safely mounted against the wall and not easily tipped over.

$9.99 from Babies ‘R’ Us

4. Corner bumpers: Protects child from sharp edges or corners on tables, shelves, and TV stands.

$7.50 from Wal-Mart

Michelle Pearson is a mommy of an active toddler boy with another little man on the way! She is passionate about being a mother and sharing her personal experiences with other moms through her YouTube Channel “IAmaMommyof1.” She resides in Lehi, Utah with her husband Brad and little boy Will.

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