Utah Housing Corporation

Just when we thought housing couldn’t get more affordable, Utah Housing Corporation has new down payment assistance mortgages to help buyers get into the market.

Deon Spiker, with Utah Housing Coporation shares some ways people can buy a home even when they thought it wasn’t possible.

Utah Housing Corporation is a public service non-profit established by Utah state law. Their mission is to help low to moderate income Utahns buy homes. Join the thousands of Utahns who are participating. Some are buying their first home. Others have owned homes before.

A 620 credit score can qualify. Down payment assistance, historically low interest rates and great prices mean now is the time to buy.

Utah Housing Corporation down payment assistance mortgages help people buy a house if they don’t have enough cash to close. They are under strict new government regulations. Utah Housing Corporation mortgages are one of the only ways that borrowers can get down payment assistance.

The great thing about Utah Housing Corporation is that they have been in the community for 37 years. They are a stable Utah non-profit. They have provided mortgage loans to more than 65,000 people.

Utah Housing Corporation mortgages don’t end up with strangers out of state. Borrowers can deal directly with Utah Housing Corporation for the life of their loans. They can call and talk to local people or meet with them in person.

It’s great that Utah Housing Corporation has mortgages for people with 620 credit scores. This helps people who are just starting out or establishing their own credit record after a divorce or other life change.

If cash at closing is holding someone back from buying a house, a Utah Housing Down Payment Assistance Mortgage may be the answer.

Already this year, more than 1500 families have gotten down payment assistance mortgages from Utah Housing Corporation.

Learn more at HousingUtah.org or by calling 801-449-0933

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