Wow Them with Wallpaper!

Wallpaper made a huge comeback in the last couple years, with moer prints, patterns and fun colors than ever. But you don’t have to use wallpaper to cover your wall. You can use fun textures in place of wallpaper!

Studio 5 Contributor Liberti van Gass shares 3 of her favorite alternatives to wallpaper.

I love wallpaper because the possibilities are endless & it adds texture & design giving so much character to any room! The countless ways wallpaper can be used & amazing results when we look out of the box for items to use as wallpaper create a whole new dynamic and an awesome statement in any room.

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Not only are there so many places you can use it, there are so many textures that can be used in place of common wallpaper.

Artists canvas as wallpaper. I love this idea for a kid’s room or play room the kids can color with crayons, markers, pens, paint or chalk & their art becomes part of the room décor. I think this would look perfect in a room where the canvas lines the bottom half of the room separated by chair rail and painted a fun color on the top. Art canvas would also be perfect in a craft room, or office. I can see a designer using this and drawing their sketches right onto the wall making them become the décor.

Lace as wallpaper or wall border – I love the look of lace added to any room, perfect for a little girls room, to dress up a family room or kitchen or even in the bathroom & lace comes in so many different designs and colors that you could really play it up. Along with the idea of using Lace you could use any type of fabric, denim would be fun, even burlap!

Newspaper Comics as wallpaper. This is such a fun idea & cheap. If you already collect the newspaper you can save up and add a fun accent wall to a child’s bedroom. I love the idea of getting ‘superhero’ comics for a boy’s room. You could even use the newspaper pages, old book pages or photos to create a fun statement wall.

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