How to Discover Your Personal Style

Studio 5 Beauty & Style Contributor Holly Stone shares ways to discover your own personal style.

To determine your personal style with regards to fashion ask yourself 3 questions:

   • What are the characteristics of your figure type?
   • What are your personality characteristics?
   • What do you spend the majority of your time doing?

By knowing the boundaries of your figure type and lifestyle and by knowing YOURSELF, you will be more comfortable picking a style that best accommodates YOU. Your personal style evolves as your seasons of life change. Be flexible. Have fun. Be free.

There are several types of style and each style has fundamental basic pieces of clothing helpful to maintain that style. You don’t have to lock yourself into one category. Feel free to mix and match. But identify the one where you fit most of the time:

Casual: Comfort and ease (jeans and tee-shirts, occasional skirt or blouse, jogging or track suits).
Must-Have Items:
   • Dark wash, boot-cut pair of jeans
   • Proper fitting jogging suit
   • Comfortable over-head sweater

Sporty: Active, on the go (khakis, polo/collared shirts, vests, skirts)
Must-Have Items:
   • A white button down shirt
   • A denim skirt
   • Cardigan sweater

Trendy: Daring. Looks for latest fads and trends.
Must-Have Items:
   • Boutique jeans with detail
   • Animal print blouse
   • Leather ankle or calf length boots
   • Bling

Funky: Free and expressive. Mix and match, accessories, layered, bold colors
Must-Have Items:
   • Patterned tights
   • Scarf
   • Leather skirt or pants
   • Item of clothing with lace

Professional: Working, classic. Suits, jackets, dress slacks, blouses, dresses
Must-Have Items:
   • A flattering dress
   • A pair of plaid or patterned trousers
   • A high quality, tailored black skirt

Other style-inspiring elements:

   • Look around you for inspiration. Look at the colors in your       home. Are they neutral (less risk), do they contrast (more       daring), are they bright (more bold), do they vary by theme       (more playful)? This should give you a look into what your       style is with regard to fashion.

   • Flip through a fashion magazine or clothing catalog. What are       you drawn to? Why are your drawn to it? (color, line, pattern,       feeling it gives you, comfort, price)

   • Identify someone whose send of style you admire. Write down       the what AND the why you like their style.

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