How to Make Your Holiday Décor Magical and Memorable

When it comes to Christmas decorating – the pressure is on! You want to
create a look that is magical, and a feel that is memorable.

Design Blogger Ashley Winn shares ways to accomplish both!

A key element in designing a wedding is incorporating little details that are
meaningful to the bride and groom. Of course the color, the flowers and the
venue are important, but it is the personal touches that truly make the event
magical and memorable for the happy couple.

The same key element should be applied when decorating for the Holidays.
This season is all about being with family, creating memories and celebrating
love. All the same reasons we celebrate weddings, so why not personalize
your Holiday décor?

Here are a few decorating ideas to make your Holidays more magical and

1. Christmas Story Books
Intermingle beloved Christmas reads throughout the home among your
traditional Holiday decor.

2. Christmas Quotes
Create a piece of artwork using a quote from your favorite Christmas movie
or song.

3. The Garland of Christmas Past
Display old Christmas photos and childhood ornaments on fresh garland.
This will be a great conversation piece at the annual Ugly Sweater Christmas

4. Count Down Christmas Wreath
Together with your children build your own Christmas calendar. This activity
you can recreate every year so have fun with it and get creative.

5. The Giving Tree
Have your family and holiday guests write down what they are grateful for
this past year on hangtags. Tie the tags onto an arrangement of branches
and display the “Giving Tree” in a place where everyone will be reminded of
their blessings.

Ashley Winn is an interior designer based in Salt lake City and specializes in
residental and wedding design. Her work has been plubished in both Utah
Style& Design and Park City/ Salt Lake City Bride& Groom.

Her pasion for traveling and living abroad has sparked a genueine love for
design and people. Her hands-on design approach is uncanny, working
closely with clients to ensure the vision for each project is excuted
seamlessly. Ashley Winn strongly stands behind and implements her
company’s design philosophy that your home should tell a story of who you

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