How to Overcome Envy

You can learn a lot from someone else’s success. Whether it’s a friend’s new book, or a neighbor’s good fortune, celebrating things others do well, can help you achieve more too.

Life Coach Tiffany Peterson shares tips on how to let other’s successes inspire you.

When we see someone else creating success in their life – personally, professionally, financially – how do we feel? What has been your experience? Likely you’ve experienced both joy and jealousy in observing what others have achieved.

I invite you to be INSPIRED by others success! One of the benefits of doing so is how it can help you achieve what you want in your life.

1. Perspective. When others succeed, what we are seeing is their “trophy moment” or what is often noted as “overnight success.” What we don’t see are the hours, days, years, or other sacrifices they have made to achieve their success. The friend who has reached her goal weight has likely counted many calories, many hours working out, and likely passed on a few desserts. What you see is the fabulous moment – not all the behind the scenes. The same is true for a friend who has a popular book, thriving business, or a great marriage. There is much we don’t see that helped them get where they are. When we have that perspective we can feel inspired for them and by them for we know that they’ve earned it. So the real question is asking of ourselves, “am I willing to do the work or put in the effort to have the results I want?”

2. They can be your Example, not your Envy. “If they can do it, I can do it” is a great way to be inspired by others success. If you’re drawn to someone else’s success, recognize that what they achieved or their attributes they have, at some level live in you – in other words, it’s mirroring what is possible for you. It exists for you too if you’re willing to do the work. They too started at the beginning at one point too. Truly, if others have done it, it is possible for you.

3. Success leaves clues. One of the best ways to be inspired by someone else’s success is to ask them about it. Approach them via email or ask them to lunch and ask them how they created their success, valuable lessons they learned, or how they got started. You will be surprised that many people would love to share with you, yet how rarely they may be asked to do so. Now someone may not respond to your email or your request, but keep looking to learn from someone who has what you want. Social media allows us to interact with most of the planet. Learning from someone on the same path is one of the fastest and most effective ways to accelerate your success.

Finally, The Law of Focus states that what we focus on expands or gets bigger. So as we are focused on celebrating others success and being happy for them, we invite more celebration and happiness into our own lives.

I invite you to acknowledge someone else’s success in your life today. Write them a card, send an email or call them to tell them how they’ve inspired you. What you give, you also receive.

Tiffany Peterson is a seasoned life & business coach helping individuals and audiences to create their ideal results. To claim your free coaching tools, visit where your free gifts are waiting for you.

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