How to Pad Your Time for “Murphy’s Law”

Murphy’s Law states: “If anything can go wrong, it will”. Sometimes, it seems like it’s built into the way our world works. It can really put a kink in our day. The trick is to prepare for Murphy’s “drop in” visits by managing our time in a way that allows for these diversions. Here are a few of my favorite time management solutions:

1. Plan ahead by prioritizing – Use your favorite daily planner to be sure you make time each day to prioritize. Some tips for prioritizing include:

• Schedule your time in weekly segments

• Schedule no more than 70 % of your day.

• Take 5 minutes today to prioritize tomorrow with    your 4 most important activities.

2. Simplify – Life is easier when we simplify our daily routine. Look again and see how you might shorten, relocate or delete some of the activities you have now scheduled into your busiest time of day.

3. Delegate tasks – If someone else can complete a task as well or nearly as well as you; delegate that task to them. The keys to delegating are:

• Make sure they understand your expectations

• Have a good return and report system set in place

• Be sure you allow them a learning curve.

4. Estimate time accurately – Many of us struggle with lateness. My technique for overcoming lateness is to plan your time backwards. Log your activity times from destination arrival to your beginning point. Remember to include such things as: precise travel time, plenty of preparation time, unexpected interruptions and 5 minutes for early arrival.

We need to understand that we WILL have issues that arise on a regular basis that we didn’t expect. Even the most complex productivity plan can’t withstand Murphy’s Law. We CAN however, learn how to organize and prepare for Murphy’s “drop in” visits. If we manage our time well by implementing the points listed above and then expect Murphy’s diversions, Murphy takes a holiday!

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