How to Prevent Aging

All this month we’ve been showing you ways to feel younger, but today, we have the science to stop the clock.

Dr. Kathryn Allen from St. Mark’s Primary Care at West Valley reveals how to prevent the aging of different parts of the body.

Can you get down on the floor and back up again without using your hands, knees, or other body parts? Maximum score is 10 for those who needed no support and are not wobbly. People with scores 0-3 are 6.5 times as likely to die in the 6 years of the study.

Preservation of balance and strength to prevent falls:
a. loss of balance occurs due to multiple factors: loss of strength, loss of fat in the
feet (your landing gear is altered), decline in vision, decline in reaction time, meds
b. not inevitable: strength and balance training programs work: can you stand on 1

Prevent aging skin:
a. don’t smoke
b. use sunscreens daily, year round
c. daily routine:
1) use antioxidants and sunscreen in AM
a) antioxidants: vitamin C, coffeeberry, idebenone, astaxanthin
b) peptide creams
2) use a retinoid at night: the most effective product for reducing fine lines and
improving collagen
3) stay hydrated with plenty of fluids, and use a high quality moisturizer with top
quality ingredients such as hyaluronic acid: apply at night after retinoid

Prevent Dementia:
a. moderate exercise can reduce risk by 45%
In fact, those who burned more than 3,000 calories per week during the 20 year study span retained 5% more gray matter than their sedentary peers.
b. moderate use of caffeine
c. being bilingual
d. mental stimulation, brain exercises, puzzles
e. social stimulation, staying engaged with others
f. reduction of cardiac risk factors: smoking, hypertension, high cholesterol
g. good nutritional choices

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