Free Dental Benefits

15 years ago, a group of Utah dentists got together to form a cooperative which has changed the way patients can shop for dental care. It has since become an alternative to dental insurance and a great option for many families.

Andrew Eberhardt is with Dental Cooperative and explains how it works.

The Dental Cooperative was organized here in Utah nearly 15 years ago by a group of independent dentists. These dentists were concerned about the future of dentistry much like many medical doctors were concerned about the medical industry and the rise of HMOs years ago.

Members of the Dental Cooperative have worked together to create efficiencies for their own practices to keep overhead costs down. There is strength in numbers. Most importantly, these dentists wanted to create an alternative to “dental insurance” as they felt there was a better solution for patients to pay for dental work.

There is a growing feeling from dentists and patients alike that dental insurance simply does not offer the value patients expect. As a result, the Dental Cooperative created an alternative to dental insurance called “the Dental Benefit Program” (DBP).

Highlights of the DBP include:

· There is NO COST associated with participation

· No deductibles, waiting periods or annual maximums

· The DBP includes a free Health Savings Account

· Online activation is simple, quick and allows immediate access to discounted fees and participating providers

You can access the program and shop for dental care in your area by accessing the website:

That will give you a code to activate your account and find dentists in your area who are part of the cooperative.

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