How to Teach Your Kids that Life Isn’t Easy

Moms and Dads know life isn’t easy. The challenge is getting kids to
understand that life can be hard.

Parenting authors, Richard and Linda Eyre share strategies to help your kids
see the “real world”.

1. Getting kids involved in serving those less fortunate a. homeless shelters
and food kitchens b. for some families, going on a “service expedition” rather
than a vacation.

2. Giving some percentage (10%) of their “own earnings” to a charity or a
“cause” and talking about how and who that money will help.

The Eyre’s favorite service expedition charities:

New York Times #1 Bestselling Authors Richard and Linda Eyre are the
parents of nine children and, by coincidence, the authors of 9 internationally
distributed parenting and life-balance books. They lecture throughout the
world on family related topics, and are the founders of . Visit the Eyres anytime
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