Human Lab: ActiFade

An over-the-counter product claims to rival the most expensive treatments in treating age spots, so we put it to the test as part of our Studio 5 Human Lab.

Product Info:
Available at CVS/pharmacy and Walgreens stores
Cost: $40
Claims: Diminished age spots; firmer, more toned skin; radiant, younger glow; increased confidence

Human Lab participants rated the product using the following scale:
1 = Product didn’t live up to a single claim, don’t waste your       money
2 = Noticed slight results, not enough to make me a fan
3 = Like it, but wouldn’t label a “must buy”
4 = Really like it, product delivered on its claims
5 = Loved it; worth every penny

Kim’s Score = 2
   • Didn’t notice any fading
   • Good moisturizer
   • Doesn’t compare with IPL

Rian’s Score = 2
   • Slightly lightened skin
   • Didn’t really fade age spots
   • Should have used my sunscreen

Sandy’s Score = 2
   • No change to age spots
   • Skin felt tighter
   • Nice texture

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