Human Lab: Martha Stewart “Clean” Products

Said Stewart, “We are providing safe and effective cleaning solutions for those who are concerned about the environment in their home and in the wider world beyond it”. We put it to the test as part of our Studio 5 Human Lab.

Product Information:

Martha Stewart Clean – Dishwashing Detergent

99+% plant & mineral-based/ECO friendly (No SLS – Sodium Laureth, a chemical found in many cleaning products)

Leaves Dishes Clean, Shiny, and Streak-free

Available at Home Depot

Cost: – $7.98

Claims: Providing safe and effective cleaning solutions for those who are concerned about the environment.

Human Lab participants rated the product using the following scale:

1 = Product didn’t live up to a single claim, don’t waste your money

2 = Noticed slight results, not enough to make me a fan

3 = Like it, but wouldn’t label a “must buy”

4 = Really like it, product delivered on its claims

5 = Loved it; worth every penny

Erika’s Score = 2

1.This product works fine if you loosely fill your dishwasher and add large amounts of rinse agent. It left behind a lot of residue so I washed loads twice.

2. Without a rinse agent, the dishes looked dingy and filmy.

3. I was a little bummed because we try to be environmentally responsible and I was hoping this would be a good product. Looks like I’ll be sticking with the big green box.

Tricia’s Score = 1

1. My results were not that great. I am glad that the environment is safer using this product, but my dishes suffered. Sometimes I had to run the dishwasher twice.

2. At first I really tested it by putting in hard to clean bowls (like oatmeal from breakfast that had been dried), that didn’t work so I moved onto easier to clean things like utensils by not rinsing them completely. My results were the same. I really wanted this to work.

3. I still have the Martha Stewart Clean in my dishwasher but I also use my Cascade with it and that works great.

Sydney’s Score = 3 – 4

1. It did seem to eliminate some of the odor we tend to get from our wood panel dishwasher that does not have a good venting system.

2. I do like that it is 99% plant & mineral based.

3. I also am not one that puts really dirty dishes in the dishwasher so I have not been able to see if the product holds up to very dirty dishes. Cleanliness was evident. No spot residue was left but not sure there was an amazing difference compared to what I was using.

You can find Martha Stewart’s cleaning products at the following

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