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Adding Humidity to Your Home

Tony Oakman from Lee’s Heating and Air tells us how the solution to all that static and dry skin can be in a humidifier.

Have you ever been at home, you reach out to touch your loved ones and your hand shocks them? If you’re shocking everyone around you – like your kids or your pets – your skin is dry, and/or your throat is itchy… it’s time you considered adding a whole home humidifier. A whole home humidifier is a must-have for just about any home in Utah. In fact, did you know that homes in Utah in the winter usually have humidity levels that are lower than the Sahara Desert? And, with proper humidity levels in your home, you’re actually more comfortable at a lower temperature. This means you can turn down your thermostat for even greater energy savings.

There are many different humidifiers out there. You can use a portable humidifier, but they can only work in one room at time. They also need frequent filter changes and can leave white flecks in the room from the mineral deposits in hard water. Tony showed three units that all came from a friend of his. She had them scattered throughout her house, and spent around $35 a piece for them. Plus, she needed to replace the filters at a cost of $11 per filter at least 5 times a year per unit. That means she spent about $130 to get the units and a one time filter change.

A whole home humidifier will keep every room in the house at the proper humidity level. These units use the heat from the furnace to create humidity. They have a self contained fan which allows for a cleaner installation and, more importantly, for more humidification to go into the home. They are also more energy efficient than running three or more humidifiers in your home at the same time. Tony brought a kill a watt meter with him to test a steam humidifier watt usage vs. the whole home humidifier that uses less than 5 watts. Besides costing less to run, it will also save you more when you reduce your temperature by 2 degrees…plus save on all the lotion costs!

The average price for a whole home humidifier is $650, but Lee’s is now offering whole home humidifiers for $100 off. That means if you call today, you can get a whole home humidifier and installation starting at $550.

Call 801-747-LEES, and they will schedule a time to come to your home and perform a FREE relative humidity check, give you an estimate on the cost of the right humidifier for your home environment and they will throw in a FREE humidity temperature digital stat just for letting them come visit you. You can also find them online at .

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