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Studio 5 Dinner Party

Studio 5 Contributor Laura Wolford helps roll out the Studio 5 Dinner Party.

The goal of the Studio 5 Dinner Party is simple. We want to motivate you to get back to hosting, in its simplest form: around the dinner table. We’ve done the planning; all you have to do is invite the guests!

Once a month, we will present a themed party menu, including recipes and a shopping list. Studio 5 Contributor Laura Wolford will be your host, walking you through the menu, step-by-step, to help take the stress out of the kitchen.

You can follow all of this on our website. Our new “Studio 5 Dinner Party” page is up and running. You can download recipes, share ideas, even post pictures of your own Dinner Parties!

Laura will present the first “Dinner Party” menu on Thursday, February 4th. In light of the Olympics, the theme is Canadian Cooking. Tune into Studio 5 each month to help plan your own dinner party fun!

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