i-4 Solutions: Web Designs

Brandon Anderson talks about your success with i4 Solutions.

I-4 Solutions streamlined their process and fine tuned what they needed to do. As a result, their custom Web development runs anywhere from $199 to $1,999! It makes it very affordable for literally anyone to get a custom Web site without breaking the bank.

Craftsmanship. Normally when you hear that word, you may think of a wood worker who has been tasked and commissioned to create a unique piece of work. I-4 Solutions uses the word craftsmanship because each of the Web sites they create has a unique look.

All the sites created come with a full content management system. This feature allows those with very little programming experience to manipulate their Web site with ease. Users can create new pages, upload images, crop and resize images on the fly, upload documents (i.e. pdf, excel, word, etc.) upload videos, create beautiful forms instantly, and so much more.

i4 Solutions also provides the same custom tool set that they were charging tens of thousands of dollars for sites in the past. So, now, anyone can have a beautiful and sophisticated site for between $199 and $1,999.

When customers sign up, i4 Solutions assigns them a project manager who will walk them through every step of the process. The project manager will gather information from the client, coordinate the design and do slicing (which means cutting up the design into html) and programming.

When you start, i-4 creates multiple design examples to choose from. These designs are a collaborative effort between 1-4 solutions and the client. Some of the higher packages also include search engine optimization, so that is a huge plus for businesses that are looking to get ranked on Google with their new Web site.

Customers can learn more or even purchase packages online at www.rocketwebdesign.com

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