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I Survived Coronavirus: Here are some ways to document this historical experience

Some day, sooner rather than later (we hope), we’ll be able to say we survived Coronavirus. Your kids, and maybe even their kids, will ask you about this time!

We are living history right now. Our world has been turned upside down, and it’s maybe something you’ll want to remember. A simple trip to Costco has turned into a novel experience. We asked an expert for some ways to document this moment in time.

Wendy Smedley, from Family Search, shares some ways we can record these unique circumstances we are all experiencing right now. Her ideas go beyond journal writing, and will serve for some unique memories in the future.

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  • I absolutely love that you are doing this! About two weeks ago I facetimed all my grandkids and gave them a challenge to record their experiences for their future children and grandchildren. I explained to them that they were making history! I found many notebooks they could choose from to use as journals (in my decluttering attempts) and set them out on a bench on my front porch so they could come by and pick them up. I also offered a small incentive! I also realized I needed to set the example and do the same! I have been doing pretty well but this has given me some great new ideas for further implementing this plan!

  • Is there a closed captioned version of this broadcast. It looked interesting but I’m sure others with hearing loss would be interested in a captioned version. Thanks