Ikea +10: Ofelia Blanket

You have fallen in love with products at Ikea, but you don’t want to have the same furnishings as everyone else. So we issued the challenge to see what kind of transformation could be achieved with one item and a ten dollar budget.

Blogger Kami Watson selected the Ofelia blanket and was actually able to come up with three new items.

Ikea Blanket Transformed Into Valentine Wreath

Use an Ikea Ofelia blanket to make this wreath. They sell for $19.99. I used about 1/3 of a blanket for this project!

to make the wreath form:

I wanted a big, heart wreath form and these are next to impossible to find at any store. Most of the ones I’ve seen are too small and too skinny. I made my form using a big, sturdy, cardboard box and an 8 ft. vent duct that I picked up from Lowe’s for $10. First, you will want to cut out an outline of a heart from your cardboard, however big you would like. Make sure to keep the center of it open somehow by cutting a slit through the top or bottom. Then you will feed one end of your cardboard heart through your vent duct until it comes out of the other side. Adjust the vent duct to completely cover your cardboard heart and then duct tape it together!

wrapping the wreath:

I dyed my fabric with RIT dye. After dying it, I cut about 8 inch wide strips from the blanket and just wrapped them around the wreath, hot gluing every now and then to keep it in place. After the wreath was completely wrapped, I made a bow and stuck it on!

This wreath took me a total of about 45 minutes to make (not counting the dying process).

Turn an Ikea Ofelia Blanket into a Lamp Shade

I made this lamp shade in 20 minutes! The possibilities are endless as far as how much you would like to add to your lamp shade. You can dye it using RIT dye, you can add lace or trim, etc. I think it’s cute without adding anything because it gives you that shabby-chic feel already!

I first took the lamp shade that I wanted to makeover and I traced it onto wrapping paper. To do this, you will need to roll the shade while tracing the sides. Cut it out and it becomes your pattern. Pin the pattern onto your Ikea Ofelia blanket then cut it out. Now remember, this fabric is super-stretchy; it is better to fit this smaller rather than bigger. Once you have your fabric cut, put it around your lamp shade and make sure that it fits. Next, you will just hot glue the blanket around the inside of the top of the lampshade, and on the inside of the bottom of your lamp shade, and you’re done!

I used about 1/4 of my blanket for this project!

Turn an Ikea Ofelia Blanket into a Couch Pillow

This project took me a total of about 20 minutes (not counting the fabric dying process)

First, you will want to measure whatever pillow form you will be covering, then double that when cutting out your fabric. Keep in mind that this fabric is really stretchy, so you will want to measure the fabric a bit smaller rather than bigger. Cut your fabric and then finish off any raw edges by folding over the side and sewing. Sew your pillow cover together except for the small hole where you will be inserting your pillow form. At this point, I dyed my pillow cover. I used RIT fabric dye, and then I washed and dried it. After it was finished, I inserted my pillow form and hand sewed the hole shut.

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