In It To Win It: Mega Bubble

Today Studio 5 Contributor Matt Townsend played our version of NBC’s “Minute To Win It”. His challenge: Mega Bubble. Matt will be playing today for Studio 5 viewer Kim Black.

Mega Bubble Instructions:

Contestant must blow a bubble from a bubble wand and then blow it in the air and through a hoop.


1 hoop

1 bottle of bubbles

1. Prior to game start, contestant must stand in the designated start zone with hands at sides.

2. Once game begins, contestant may grab bubble wand and begin blowing bubbles.

3. Contestant may only use breath to propel the bubble.

4. The contestant may not touch the end hoop at any time.

5. To complete the game, an unpopped bubble must pass completely through the end hoop in the designated direction within the 60-second time limit.

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