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Indoor Valentine’s Wreaths: 3 different ways to display this staple décor piece

These Valentine’s wreaths don’t have to go on the door.

It can do more than hang on the front door. We’re re-thinking the wreath as an essential piece of your home décor – for Valentine’s Day and beyond.

Decorator Bethany Sinks gives us permission to use a wreath in new ways.

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Use a wreath…

  • Draped from pretty ribbon, hung over a piece of art
  • Layered with a cutting board against the kitchen backsplash.
  • Nestled in a tray display.
  • Draped over a mirror or bedpost.
  • Hung on your kitchen stove hood or over a kitchen cabinet door.
  • Pinned on the inside of your front door.


How to Make the Decorative Valentine’s Wreaths

For both wreaths

Purchase a heart-shaped wired wreath found off Amazon. Very inexpensive.

Wrap the wired wreath with wide wool yarn. One bolt can make several wreaths.


For the rose wreath

Cut stems off roses and hot glue on the wreath for the rose wreath. Fill it up as much as you desire.


For the bunny tail wreath

Tie the pink-colored bunny tail pampas in small bundles with a light jute or cream-colored yarn. Hot glue the bundles on the wreath making sure each full part of the bundles covers up the stems of the previous bundle so you can’t see them.

Then add ribbon for décor or to hang on the wreath.


How to make the Yarn Hearts Bowl Fillers

Use small heart shaped Styrofoam shapes (3-4” across)

Yarn of your choice. Hot glue one end and start to wrap around the heart in a circular motion. Cut the yarn when the styrofoam is completely covered and hot glue the end down. Looks so pretty in a heart shaped bowl.

*See Bethany’s Instagram page for a tutorial on making a heart-shaped wreath using bunny tail florals.

With a pinch of love, a dash of faith, and a sprinkle of home decor for every season, Bethany Sinks finds joy in making a warm and inviting home. She loves a stroll through Target, a Diet Coke and lunch at Chick Fil A. She lives to celebrate all the holidays and her best moments are surrounded by family, and those darling, darling grandchildren. Follow Bethany at and on Instagram @seasonsofmyhome.

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