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Heidi Swapp

Memory Associations: Why they’re missing from your scrapbooks and how to make them

Make memory associations with a few prompts.

You’ll remember the big Olympic moments. You might remember where you were, what stage of life you are in. So add to it, with your own Olympic everyday (feels like it, sometimes, right?) These are the little memories of you, right now.

Our favorite memory keeper, Heidi Swapp joined Brooke Walker with photo prompts for capturing these moments in photo and story.

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Prompts to Help You Make Memory Associations

Premise: We know that our memories are tied to current events, and things we do through “associations”. Often we can remember little details when prompted by a larger experience as we “associate” like what we ate, or where we were when that happened.

The Olympics is one of those things that we can “associate” what was happening in our life at the same time. It works well to form associations as a family through shared experience- like watching endless Olympics- and watching the events and dramas unfold .

Challenge: Take this little inventory. Snap some related photos in your life right now. Jot a note about them, and add them to a homemade Olympic book or “time capsule.” Revisit it in two years, and update it with those everyday details that make you, you!

As an athlete, who would be your product sponsor?
{your favorite product or item that you use often}

What would be your gold medal event? {is it laundry, or taking naps?}

What would you wear to Opening Ceremonies?
{your favorite outfit of the moment}

What would be your athlete hype song?

What would be your breakfast of champions?

What would be your celebration meal?

If you were packing for the Olympics, what can you not leave home without?

Heidi Swapp is an entrepreneur, scrapbooker, memory-keeper, product designer and podcaster. She draws endless creative inspiration from what is happening in the everyday. She is happiest “making pretty stuff” in her upstairs studio and sharing notes, gifts and memories with people she loves. Heidi has five children and lives in Herriman, Utah. Find her on Instagram @heidiswapp and @heidiswappshop. Join her incredible memory-keeping community at


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