cedar chest

Turn an old cedar chest into a modern masterpiece! Here’s some inspiration…

Give that old cedar chest a modern makeover!

With new legs and a coat of paint, an old cedar chest makes becomes a useful coffee table or blanket box in the family room. The lower profile, the sleek lines and mid-century modern styling is the way to give your piece a new look.

Do-it-yourselfer Angela Short is leading the way to reimagine furniture and make it useful again. She visited Studio 5 with some insights for second-hand furniture makeovers, including a tutorial on how to spot hardware that is a good match for your piece.

Find more DIY’s from Angela on Instagram, @angela.short.home.

3 Cedar Chest Hardware Options


Modern hardware lacks any detail–it is sleek and straight and metals or leather.

Tip: Consider color of the hardware to match your furniture finish. Gold for warm colors and it is so in style right now, you can use it on almost any piece. Go with Black when it is cool colors like green, grey, blues, and some whites. Gold for raw wood, black, white or greens. Silver for Grey or white.



Use this hardware for traditional furniture that has some curves and round legs with detail.

Tip: You can find any style and anything you need on Amazon.



The vintage hardware is great for antique pieces.

Tip: Clean up the hardware by giving it a bath in dish soap and water use a tooth brush to scrub. They have cleaner for most pieces, I use metal spray paint where needed.

After raising a family, Angela Short has found a new obsession – to find, repair and refinish treasured furniture. She has an eye for style, color and current visual taste. Find Angela on Instagram at @angela.short.home.

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